21. April 2017
"De." Audio-visual Performance
indipendet performance
Rig-e-Zarrin, Yazd

23. November 2016
"De." Audio-visual Performance
Resartis Meeting
Darbast Platform, Tehran
14. October 2016
"De." Audio-visual Performance ft. Parsa Nazeri
Patchlab AV Night
Krakow / Patchlab Festival
09. September 2016
"De." Audio-visual Performance ft. Amir Baxtan
Ars Electronica Nightline
Gleishalle, Postverteilerzentrum Linz / Ars Electronica Festival

is the latest audio-visual live set from elemaun
including 4 tracks miv, xylow, ao & tham with themed visuals
music production & art direction of project is done by Ali Phi
Amir Baxtan, Ashkangh, Siavash Naqshbandi, Maryam Razi & Parsa Nazeri
are the artists who collaborated for visuals of this set.